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Mail Order Retouching

During our time as a Mail Order Retoucher in Leeds, we have been involved in fashion retouching for mail order, point of sale and more recently the internet. This involves tasks such as background extensions, composite files, flesh improvements including smoothing skin and balancing fleshes, swatch matching to different print specifications, creative retouching, amongst other things, includes dropping final production garments onto existing images where the original photo shoot was wearing a prototype and making them look natural, altering patterns on garments, colour changes. Clients included Coca Cola, Hugo Boss, NEXT and Mamas & Papas

Packaging Retouching

My packaging retouching experience includes creating composite images, flexographic retouching, creating spot or special colours from CMYK images and condensing designer's Photoshop files . Working on projects for clients such as UniLever, Superdrug, Nestlé, Hasbro and Coca Cola, as well as many European companies.

We have 20 years experience retouching, airbrushing and manipulating images colour and creatively enhancing the images. If you have any type of photography that requires altering or retouching then please get in touch.