Google mentoring web developers in Leeds

Google mentoring web developers in Leeds

When search engine giant Google came to town last year, it was great for web developers in Leeds to brush up on Google’s latest products and for Leeds web designers to fine to tune their skills in products like Adwords etc.

The flagship pop-up shop called The Digital Garage was a 6 month trial and offered seminars, mentoring and even free coffee and food to website design companies in Leeds as well as other small businesses that needed help in how to use their services.

Our team of web developers from our Leeds website design company even went down to see what it was all about and we were really impressed by the different seminars. The one we saw was about how important responsive web design is nowadays with mobile phones and tablets starting to dominate the platform on which people view websites. They were keen to tell our Leeds web designers that Google now take into consideration if your website is mobile friendly or not and while it wouldn’t necessary penalise you for not being mobile friendly, it would ‘favour’ other websites that have had mobile friendly responsive web design when it came to where your website appeared on the Google listings. This has now been more evident if you see differences in where you are listed when searching for your website on a desktop version of Google versus a mobile version. If you are getting a new website design or a re-design, make sure your web developer makes it responsive. If you have a current website that isn’t mobile friendly then contact our Leeds web design agency to see we can help you.

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