The Problem With Free Web Design Companies

Free web design companies

The Problem With Free Web Design Companies

You have probably heard it over and over again: you need a website. With the majority of people using the internet to search for products and services online before they buy them, you do need a website. But if you have a website that does not have a design that actually helps make sales or represent your brand well, your website is not doing what it is supposed to do.
Unfortunately with free web design companies, that is just one of the many problems you can end up facing. If you are considering a website, here are some of the reasons free is not better when it comes to web design:

Free Websites All Look The Same

When you get a free website, you are using the exact same template that thousands of other people have and use. In a time where standing out and brand identity is more important than ever, having the exact same website as thousands of others is the wrong choice.

By paying a professional web designer to create your site, you will have a design that presents your brand in a unique way. This makes sure your website not only functions exactly the way you want it to, it also stands out from your competitors.

Free Websites Do Not Rank Well In Search Engines

It does not matter how great your event is, how useful your product is, or what type of service you have to offer if no one knows about it. Having a high-quality, unique, and useful web design is important but getting seen in the search engines cannot be overlooked.

Free web design companies create stock templates without any regard to how they rank in search engines like Google. With our Web Design Leeds company, we will create a website that is search engine friendly so you can start ranking higher in search and generating more organic traffic.

With Free Web Design Companies, You Do Not Get Customer Service

One of the most important things to keep in mind with free web design companies is that they are there to generate more downloads. They do not worry about whether or not the free website you have works—after all, you created your website for free so why should they help?

When you pay a Leeds web design company for a website, you are able to constantly communicate, provide feedback, and have your results tailored to your needs. When you need help, you always have someone you can contact so you can keep your website operating perfectly all the time.

Just Because It Isn’t Free Doesn’t Mean Web Design Is Expensive

The reason so many people search for free web design companies is because they are afraid web design will be too expensive. The truth is that there are many affordable web design options available and our Leeds web design company offers web design services that can fit almost any budget.

If you have been considering a free website, contact us first and let us know what you are looking for. We can provide a high-quality website specifically for your needs all at an affordable price. Contact our Leeds office or visit our quotation page to receive an instant web design quote.

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