Katie Biltoft

Katie Biltoft

I am a handbag designer and I recently asked Chris to make some colour changes to some of my product shots. I couldn't have been happier with the results. The colours were a perfect match to the leathers I am using and looked extremely professional, not like they had been photo-shopped at all. Chris is very friendly and helpful, his communication is prompt and he really went out of his way to help me. His prices are also more than reasonable. Overall the product and his customer service was excellent and I am about to ask for his help again!

Mark Holliday

Mark Holliday

As a DJ, I am always looking for new ways to improve my brand and marketing strategy. I approached Chris who recommended that I have my own website. Not only did he build me a site, he also re-branded my logo, integrated all my social networks, music pages, events calendar and merchandise together in a sleek, contemporary, easy to use design. The website is now the first port of call for my fans and my fan base has more than trebled over the past 12 months. I highly recommend Chris. His ideas are both creative and innovative and I will definitely use him for future projects.

Elizabeth Baxter

St. Gemma's Hospice

The designs that Chris produce for our Winter Ball every year are fabulous - very classy and really show what a great event this is. We just gave him the idea of what we wanted and he delivered straightaway - he really understood what the event was about and how we wanted to promote it. We are indebted to Chris for his design skills and for his generous support for St. Gemma's Hospice and our patients.


Carlton Porsche

With so much competition on the internet, we needed a website that would stand out from the crowd and being a Porsche garage we needed a website that would appeal to Porsche owners and have that hint of the Porsche marque about it. Chris not only came up with a fantastic website design but made a new logo for us as well as doing all the copy writing for the website and taking some of the main photographs too.

John Fieldhouse

J.F. Plastics

We had been using a web designer for our website for a few years and decided we wanted a fresh pair of eyes on it. After meeting with Chris and explaining what we did and where our company was going in the future, he went away and came up with a brand new concept for the website which blew us away and showed us that Chris knew exactly where we wanted to be. We will be using Chris for all out future work from now on and will be recommending him. The best part is, he did all this for a quarter of the price of our previous web designer.

Russ & Paul


We came to Chris for a website that would let our fans know about our latest releases, upcoming gigs and social links etc. We give him an idea of how we would like it with colours etc and left him to it. We were over the moon with the result and the speed in which he did it. Chris seemed to know exactly what we wanted and we cannot thank Chris enough for the work he did for us.